This is a podcast borne of collaboration from a few guys who have worked together over the years that pretentiously figured someone would care to hear their thoughts breaking down the business aspects of a popular television show. It remains to be seen whether or not this is the case, but the podcast episodes keep coming regardless.

The podcast is hosted by these (questionable) gentlemen:

Joe Carlyon is a Sr. QA Engineer who works in Chicago while insisting he hates the suburbs. When he’s not butchering lines of dialogue in the podcast or laughing at his own jokes, he spends his free time brewing beer, talking about beer, drinking beer, and explaining to his girlfriend why their cat likes him more.

Tom Arra is a Sr. Product Owner who happily lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wonderful wife (who in no way paid anyone to write that line). When Tom isn’t busy trying to make this site look pretty (hahahaha) or editing the podcast to ensure everyone doesn’t sound even less intelligent, he drinks and talks about curling.

Pat Swanson is an Agile Coach and Product Owner (yes, it’s confusing to us as well) who lives in Indiana with his wife and child. When he’s not convincing everyone else on this page to work on side projects with him so he forgets he lives in Indiana, Pat enjoys Fireball. Lots of Fireball.

Chris Nelson is a QA Engineer who lives alone and probably will for the remainder of his life. When he’s not rambling on endlessly while everyone tries to segue to new topics during the podcast, he spends his free time trying to convince anyone who will listen that he actually enjoys Malört and they should drink it with him.